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Employees shouldn't fear shift to exchanges -- yet

A plus side to "employer dumping": It will force people to be more conscious consumers of health insurance.

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Mr. Moms get preferential treatment from employers

Research continues to show that males enjoy many workplace perks that are less available to females. Location and time scheduling flexibility are areas where men still prevail.

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Many self-employed barely at subsistence level

Gallup surveyed more than 135,000 self-employed individuals from around the world, and found that, in many other nations, the self-employed exist barely above the poverty line.

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Wear this so HR knows youre losing weight

Companies, facing rising health expenses, are increasingly buying or subsidizing fitness-tracking devices to encourage employees and their dependents to be more fit.

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Many employees still reluctant to use PTO

Whos keeping American workers from using the time off they accumulate? Mostly, themselves.

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Overtime rules could benefit 6 million workers

Women and minorities would be the big winners if changes to overtime rules occur, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

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Disability disclosure at termination not a free pass

You're playing with fire by not affording avenues for your employees to discuss their disabilities and seek reasonable workplace accommodations.

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Avoiding PPACA excise tax a priority

A Towers Watson survey found that employers generally anticipate a 5.2 percent increase next year in health plan costs.

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Range of wellness options increase engagement

Employees are far more likely to try a new wellness activity and continue with it if they can sample it for free.

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DOL taking closer look at brokerage windows

The Department of Labor wants to know more about one of the more advanced options available in some 401(k) plans: brokerage windows.

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