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EHR obstacles threaten success

Now that most clinics have finally made the transition to electronic health records, EHR advocates say the full potential of such systems isnt being realized because of obstacles to the free exchange of the information.

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What job seekers want

Why and how people decide to change careers have always stumped economists.

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Recruiters who dont adapt to job market lose talent

Its a job seekers world these days, and with the pendulum swinging at last in their favor, job candidates are getting a bit fussy about the benefits packages they are being offered.

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Most reject hiring discrimination for smokers, obese

Gallup said only small percentages of those surveyed believe employers should have the right not to hire job candidates based upon whether they smoke or are obese.

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Open enrollment checklist for employers

Wrestling with the implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act could make the upcoming open enrollment period one of the most challenging in memory.

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Employers face challenges over FLSA

A Congressional subcommittee hears testimony about FLSA concerns from SHRM.

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Onus on employee to see disability accommodation through

A recent federal court decision said that merely communicating the existence of a disability is not enough to trigger an employer's duty to accommodate.

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Which firm has the most lucrative 401(k) plan?

Out of the 250 biggest companies in the U.S., which have the most lucrative -- and least generous -- retirement benefits?

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Workplace, benefits satisfaction at 6-year low

Employees are increasingly unhappy with their workplaces and benefits packages, a new study from Unum finds. In fact, ratings are at their lowest levels since 2008.

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Goofing off or becoming more productive?

Its always an uncomfortable moment when an employee is caught surfing the Internet for leisure during working hours. But thanks to new research, they can tell their boss they are not goofing off  theyre improving their productivity.

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